Bar None 
Handmade Boots

Truly Hand Made
Cowboy Boots

Made in America,
By Americans

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Made one at a time at a little shop in Texas.
Made in America! By Americans!

Why Bar None  Hand Made Boots?

The Cowboys of Bar None

Bar None Chuckwagon

Branding Bar None Cowboys

The Lone Rider of Bar None

The boot makers at Bar None Hand Made Boots truly believe that. It isn’t just a company slogan, it is what they do. Bringing the highest quality, best built, working cowboy boot you can buy off of the shelf has been the main goal of the craftsman at Bar None Hand Made Boots.

 The average cowboy boot and even some of the more costly cowboy boots available today are mass produced using inferior materials and boot making techniques that, while providing the average wearer about a years worth of wear, they are not designed for those that make a living wearing boots day in and day out. Consumers that use their boots as a tool of their trade can not buy a shelf ready boot that will last them anytime at all. Boot companies have geared their manufacturing processes to build a light weight, modern design boot made with machines. The hand made qualities are lost in those processes. Even when stated by some makers that heirs are hand made, it is a loose translation of the word and the product is no longer able to withstand the hard use of the American cowboy.

 Utilizing the best materials and their custom boot making skills, Bar None Handmade Boots has filled a niche between the more costly full custom made boot and the inferior quality mass marketed boots available at most boot and western apparel stores.

Working cowboys are notoriously hard on their footwear, wearing them 12, 14, 18 hours a day, in all types of weather and conditions. They need the highest quality they can afford. Most eventually purchase custom made boots from various custom makers, a good choice for quality, but hard on their wallets. They usually move from boot maker to boot maker trying to find the longest lasting boot for the best price. The goal at Bar None Hand Made Boots, starting with the “Brush Popper Line” is to provide them with the highest quality footwear while holding the cost down for them. It is an effort to build a loyal, long lasting customer base that will last for years, if not decades

All Bar None Hand Made Boots, whether full custom or the “Brush Popper Line”, are constructed in the same way and with the same materials the boot makers use for the full custom made boot clients. They use the same top leathers, foot leathers, heels and soles. The construction is also the same. The only difference in their custom foot wear and Bar None Hand Made Boots is in the design.

In reality, Bar None Hand Made Boots are custom made boots, without the custom details and fitting, for the working cowboy, cowgirl or business man and woman. They will get the same quality, same outstanding fit, same long wearing materials that they will have for years to come. For those that don’t wear theirs 18 hours a day, day in and day out, they will get generations of wear out of Bar None Hand Made Boots that they can pass them down to the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls in your family, just as boot wearers did when boots used to be made to this quality back in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.

We believe that it is important to strive in keeping the "Made in the U.S.A." label on any products found in the Bar None Boots inventories. The founders of Bar None believe it still means something to those that love and respect the western tradition and life style.

Click of the Picture to see all of the construction details that make Bar None Handmade Boots the boots to own

Click of the Picture to see all of the construction details that make Bar None Handmade Boots the boots to own


Click of the Picture to see the style that makes Bar None Handmade Boots the boots to own


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