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Semi-Custom & Custom Boots.
Bench Made in a Little Shop,

"Made in Texas, by Texan's"
"Made in America, by American's"

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The Bar None Boots Making Process
The Cowboys of Bar None

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From the outset, Bar None Handmade Boots have always been about the style and quality of boots that were made in the by-gone days of the 1930's, 40's and 50's. From their inception till they belong to you, they are passed along with each of the boot makers giving them their approval at each and every step in the process before being allowed to continue to completion.
Highlights of the Full Custom Boot Making Process:

Outlining the foot Measuring the foot Transfering patterns Cutting out the in-lays     Side seaming
Out lining the Foot Measuring the foot Transferring patterns to leather Cutting out the in-lays Stitching decorative patterns in boot tops Add linings, heel slide, hard counter Siding seaming the boot
Treeing a boot Prepping the insoles for welts  
Forming the boot on boot trees Prepping insoles, cutting the welt channel for hand sewn welts Hand lasting the boot Adding toe box, reinforce toe
Red boots shown lasted w/added brand drying
Hand Sewing the welts into the insole Adding steel shank, shank cover, wood pegging to insole
  Finishing the soles Cut-away of Bar None Boot Click of the Picture to see all of the construction details that make Bar None Handmade Boots the boots to own Features of Bar None Boots
Adding out sole, wood pegging sole to insole Welt sewn, working out soles for finishing Adding stacked leather heels Finishing the soles
Bench Made Cowboy Boots, made by Hand in Decatur, Texas

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