Bar None 
Handmade Boots

Truly Hand Made
Cowboy Boots

Made in America,
By Americans

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Truly handmade - Full Custom Boots , Semi-Custom Boots and Stock Shelf Boots
Made one at a time at a little shop in Texas.
Made in America! By Americans!

Introducing Bar None Hand Made Boots.

The Cowboys of Bar None

Bar None Chuckwagon

Branding Bar None Cowboys

The Lone Rider of Bar None

The Best Made, Full Custom, Semi-Custom & Stock Shelf Boots  You Can Buy,
Bar None!

For the boot makers at Bar None Handmade Boots, this isnít just a company slogan, it is what they do. Bringing you the highest quality, best built, working cowboy boot you can buy, whether custom ordered or purchased off of the shelf It is the main goal of the craftsman at Bar None Handmade Boots make you boots you can wear for a lifetime.

Bar None Full Custom Boots are completely made by hand. Custom patterns unique to each custom order, any leathers, exotics and styles are available in the full custom line at Bar None Handmade Boots.

Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots are a shelf ready, buy it and take it home, handmade boots specifically intended for the working Cowboy. Using the best materials and their custom boot making skills, they fill a niche between the more costly full custom made boot and the inferior quality mass marketed boots available at most boot stores.

All Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots are constructed in the same way and with the same materials the boot makers use for the full custom boot clients. They use the same top leathers, foot leathers, heels and soles. The construction is also the same. The only difference in their custom foot wear and Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots is in the design, and the PRICE!

Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots use a unique group of top patterns, foot patterns and stitch patterns designed specially for Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots. All Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots are built to a standard size, like a normal boot. Cost savings in time and price come from not building a custom fitted last to build the boot around and from not making individual foot, top and stitch patterns.

Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots  are available direct from Bar None Hand Made Boots or at select outlets featuring high quality cowboy and western products and life style.

Bar None Semi-Custom Handmade Boots  come in Six different lines, Brush Popper, Trail Boss, Cowpoke, Cowboy, Cowboy Girl, Boss Lady and the Ram Rod.

Bar None Stock Shelf Boots are a exciting new line of top quality shelf made boots for those that want an all American made boots, all leather constructed but dont require the extra steps involved in the the bench made lines of full and semi-custom boots.

Call or e-mail for more designs, pricing,  requests, anything you might need in the way of handmade  boots.  When you need the highest quality shelf ready boots, feel free to contact us to order a pair.

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